Currently, I own Thinkpad x201 (with i7 and coreboot) that I use, stuck in a X200 Ultrabase, as a desktop computer.
I also have a Thinkpad X60t, which has a 32-bit processor but has an insanely fast booting time thanks to libreboot and an SSD
People also tend to include their mobile phones, too. I own Nokia 6060, which is an old flip phone running on 2G (my operator doesn't even provide internet on that)
I'm also using Sun Type 6 keyboard (with USB) which is really cool and has lots of customizable keys

I run the same software on both thinkpads, so I'll list it like this for easier reading:

  • My distribution of choice is Trisquel GNU/Linux-libre, however if the 8.0 version is going to adapt systemd, I'm probably going to fork it and/or switch to something like Void
  • i3 window manager
  • rxvt-unicode as a terminal emulator
  • GNU Emacs and Leafpad as text editors
  • Firefox with Firemacs addon - which gives you emacs shortcuts
  • Icedove as a mail client
  • KolourPaint for simple image editing
  • LibreOffice
  • cmus for audio listening
  • mplayer for video
  • feh, ristretto for images
  • timidity for MIDI
  • shutter for making screenshots
  • mupdf for pdf reading