Cheap Gigabit Network

Will leave this as a stub for a while, probably

While everybody knows that the 5e UTP cables are cheap as dirt, not many people utilize the full speed of it, rendering half of the wires basically useless. Most of the cheap routers work in Fast Ethernet technology, which is 10x slower (100Mb/s vs 1000Mb/s) than what your cables are capable of. After doing some market research (TODO providing the numbers and more detailed info) I realised that the cheapest combo is:

  • Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X (5x 1Gb/s ports)
  • Netgear GS208 (8x 1Gb/s ports) - there are cheaper versions with less ports
  • Some other router to work as an access point so you can have WiFi (obviously optional)

You can skip buying the switch if you want, the router is powerful enough to handle the switching and routing although I'm mentioning it because of the extra ports.